French street lighting system cuts energy use by 35% with Echelon's LONWORKS network

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Thursday, September 25, 2014 5:05 pm PDT


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Illumination in Focus

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French Street Lighting System Cuts Energy Use by 35% with LONWORKS® Network

The Challenge
Sénart en Essonne, a fast-growing area 35 km south of Paris comprising four cities, has a street lighting network of about 3,500 streetlights. The town council wanted to reduce the area’s energy use by 35% to significantly contribute to its sustainable growth plan. The council also hoped to lower its operating budget and maintenance costs while increasing road safety.

The Solution
The town council partnered with SPIE, one of France’s largest streetlight maintenance companies, to install an intelligent network based on Echelon’s LONWORKS technology and SPIE’s CityNetworks software. The system uses electronic dimmable smart ballasts to dim the lamps when appropriate, extend lamp lifetime, automatically identify lamp failures, and enable remote control in real time.

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