In the News 2017

    November 15, 2017

    "This case illustrates a solution that is designed not only to boost performance, but also to realise an innovative operational breakthrough that increases passenger comfort and safety. In addition, a monitoring network provides information to the crew as well as a central maintenance facility."

    October 30, 2017

    Echelon's Thomas Cook talks about Smarter Streetlights in American City and Country magazine.

    September 19, 2017
  • Manufacturing Technology Insights
    August 9, 2017
  • Telco Transformation
    July 19, 2017

    As smart cities evolve beyond pilot projects of digital services to delivering networked digital services, these cities are increasingly focusing on building multi-use platforms that integrate multiple data streams that are leveraged to improve the city's infrastructure.  Street lights, for example, present an opportunity to create data networks, by using each pole as a node to gather data from multiple devices and deliver it to several applications and platforms.

  • Traffic Technology Today
    June 27, 2017

    Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer Echelon Corporation has completed initial field tests of a new application for its InSight Cognitive Vision System, which can provide accurate and low-cost traffic counts.

  • LD+A
    May 17, 2017

    The city of Spokane, WA, has deployed traffic-adaptive LED streetlights that use an artificial intelligence vision system from Echelon. Using the InSight system, traffic data is collected and processed at the edge of the network instead of on a central server, and uses Echelon’s lighting platform to transmit traffic information, reducing response time and improving reliability.

    Vision-Enabled Traffic-Adaptive LED Street Lights.

  • Lighting Controls Association
    May 15, 2017

    Echelon Corporation recently unveiled a patent-pending cognitive vision-based technology that can enable a wide range of smart city and smart campus applications. Echelon InSight™ utilizes artificial intelligence in vision-enabled edge devices, optimized for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. With InSight, traffic data is collected and processed at the edge of the network instead of on a central server, and uses the Lumewave by Echelon® lighting platform to transmit traffic

  • Communications of the ACM
    May 9, 2017

    As thunderstorms approach a Minneapolis suburb, LED streetlights tune to a bluer shade of white in order to optimize visibility, a good example of how modern digital lighting can knowingly adjust to different conditions. Equally notable: in this case, the lights do not take their cue from weather sensors onboard the lighting hardware.



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